Reusable accessories by Nature's Own Factory

Reusable practical items for deliberate consumption lifestyle by Nature's Own Factory.

Bamboo Eco Travel Mug
Reusable Bamboo Eco Travel Mug has the stainless steel interior combined with the outer bamboo layer that will keep your coffee or tea hot. It made for an active and conscious lifestyle. It significantly reduces waste from coffee cups.
Article: ACC102
19.42 $
Strainer tea filter

Stainless Steel Tea Stick Infuser by Nature's Own Factory. The stainless steel teastick is perfect for those who drink tea on the go. Press down the plastic lid to open the comtartment at the bottom.
Article: ACC100
8.41 $
Tea infuser glass bottle
The bottle keeps your drink warm up to 5 hours thanks to the double glass and the wooden bamboo cover. With a sealed thermos, tea will stay hot for 1 and warm for 5 hours.
Article: ACC101
24.60 $


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