Your order has been created by the online store “Nature’s Own Factory”, located on a domain name, “Factory of Nature” LLC and registered address 117186, Moscow, Nagornaya street, 5/4/7,

represented by the Director General Seda Movladievna Khunkayeva, acting on the basis of the Charter,

hereinafter referred to as the “Seller”, publishes a Public offer on the sale of goods remotely.



1.1.Public offer (below as the «Offer») - the Seller’s public offering addressed to uncertain circle of persons to contract a purchase remotely (below as the «Contract») in the terms contained in a present Offer (including relevant appendices).

1.2. Ordering on the Online store website - positions specified by a Buyer from the assortment available for sale, when making a request for purchase a good on the Online store website or through the Operator.


2.1. Ordering of a Good by a Buyer available for sale on the Online store website defines that a Buyer agrees with all the conditions of the present Offer.

2.2. The Administration of the Website reserves the right to modify the Offer without any notice of Buyer.

2.3. The Offer is not limited, unless otherwise stated on the Online store Website.

2.4. The Seller provides all complete and reliable information on a Good, including information on major consumer properties of a Good, location of manufacturing activities as well as information on warranty period and expiration date of a Good on the Online store Website in «Shipping and Payment» section.


3.1. A price of each Good position is mentioned on the Online store Website.

3.2. The seller has the right to change price unilaterally on any Good.

3.3. In the event of price change on already ordered Good the Seller has to report to the Buyer in 1 day about the price change.

3.4. The buyer has the right to confirm or to annul an Order to purchase a Good, whether the Price is changed by the Seller after the Order was formed.

3.5. The modification of price by the seller for the Good already paid is not allowed.

3.6. The seller notices the cost of delivery on the Online store Website or inform Buyer when Order is formed by Operator.

3.7. Payment obligations on Goods are considered fulfilled from the moment of cash inflow.

3.8. Transactions between Buyer and Seller for the Good can be made in the ways specified on the Website in «Shipping and Payment» section.


4.1. Ordering is performed by the Buyer through Operator by calling +7 (925) 786-34-34 or through Website service.

4.2. Buyer should provide the following information upon registration on the Website:

4.2.1. Buyer’s full name or contact data of the Order recipient;

4.2.2. Address to which the Order should be sent (in case the delivery is formed to Buyer’s address);

4.2.3. E-mail address;

4.2.4. Contact tel.

4.3. Name, quantity, assortment, part number, price of chosen Good are listed in Website shopping cart.

4.4. If Seller needs additional information, he has the right to request it from Buyer. In case of not providing the needed information, the Seller does not carry the responsibility for the chosen Good.

4.5. If Order is formed through Operator (p. 4.1. of the present Offer), Buyer should provide the information mentioned in p. 4.2. of the present Offer.

4.6. Accepting the conditions of the present Offer is carrying out by adjusting the necessary data in registration form on the Online store Website or when ordering through Operator. After the Order has been formed through Operator Buyer’s data is registered in Seller’s database. When the Order is confirmed, Buyer provides necessary information to Operator in accordance with the p. 4.2.of the present Offer.

4.7. The seller is not responsible for the content and reliability of the information provided by the Buyer when Ordering.

4.8. The buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided during the Ordering.

4.9. A contract of remote sale is considered to be concluded from the moment of issue of cash or cash check from Buyer to Seller or another document confirming the payment for the Good.


5.1. The seller provides the Buyer with delivery services by one of the ways indicated on the online store Website.

5.2. If the contract of remote sale (below as the «Contract») is concluded with the condition of the delivery of Goods to the Buyer, the Seller has to deliver precisely on the place specified by the Buyer. If the place is not specified by the Buyer, then at the place of his residence or registration.

5.3. The Buyer should indicate the place of delivery when forming the Order of Goods.

5.4. Delivery time of the Goods to the Buyer consists of the processing time of the order and the delivery time.

5.5. The Good has to be delivered to the Buyer or to any person who has presented a receipt or other document confirming the Contract or the Good delivery clearance.

5.6. At the moment of the Good transfer it is compulsory to report information contained in the Annex №1 to the Contract.

5.7. The information about the Good is brought to the Buyer’s attention in technical documentation supplied with the Good, on labels, by marking or in another way adopted for certain Goods.

5.8. The information about obligatory confirmation of compliance of Goods is presented in the order and in the ways, which are established by the legislation of the Russian Federation about technical regulation. The information includes the details of the document number that confirms this compliance, the duration of its validity and the organization that issued it.


6.1. When the Customer pays by card, the transaction (including the card number) is processed on the secure page of the internationally certified processing system. This means the store does not collect user data (card details, registration information, etc.), ensuring they are securely processed and no one (including our store) can access user data and bank details.

Card details are processed by virtue of the data security standard titled Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), developed by international payment systems Visa and MasterCard. The standard ensures secure processing of all bank card details and related personal information. To this end, the data transmission technology guarantees secure bank transactions made possible thanks to protocols (Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Verified by Visa, Secure Code) and powerfully protected bank networks.

6.2. Dear Customers, We hereby inform you that we only refund money to the card by which you made your payment.



Limited Liability Company «Factory of Nature

 +7 (925) 786-34-34


 117186, Moscow, Nagornaya street, 5/4/7

Bank details

C/A 30101810200000000593

BIC: 044525593


Carefully read the text of the public offer, and if you do not agree with any clause of the offer, you have the right to refuse to purchase the Goods provided by the Seller and not to take the actions specified in clause 2.1. of the present Offer.


I agree with the contract