The Village 03.04.2019

Several years ago, buckwheat tea was completely unknown in Russia, but today one can find it in menus of famous restaurants: from Coffeemania to Remy Kitchen Bakery. Moreover, the product is available both in grocery stores and online. In 2016,... Read more

RBC 08.09.2019

Amidst today’s nutrition trends, people treat well-known cereals in a completely new way. They contain microelements, vitamins, dietary fiber, and complex carbohydrates, at the same time ensuring low glycemic load. However, healthy lifestyle backers renounce them due to high... Read more

The Village 26.12.2018

In our Food section, we tell you about the most buzzworthy food products that can be found in grocery stores, specialized shops, and online. Today’s review is devoted to Nature’s Own Factory buckwheat tea.... Read more

M24 17.02.2019

In our Moscow Exclusive section, we tell you about what happens exclusively in Moscow and a few more cities of Russia. Today we will explain why you need to try buckwheat tea. Tasty, healthy, costly.... Read more

SNC 30.12.2017

Another unrenowned still very efficient product that can help protect your health. Buckwheat tea is recommended for treating vitamin deficiency, obesity, gastrointestinal diseases, and stress. Beside its health-beneficial properties, this tea is perfect for warming when it’s frosty outside.... Read more

Komsomolskaya Pravda 08.06.2019

When you are 20, 25, or even 30 years old, it’s not a big deal to refine your shape, provided you’re motivated enough. Just a week of a simple diet, and you forget about your excess weight. We all wish... Read more

Channel One Russia 11.07.2019

The recipe of hot chocolate had been a secret for a long time, only served for French royalty. Now this drink is public! White, black, with additives, or even dietary. How much chocolate can one eat on the World Chocolate... Read more

TV Center 30.09.2019

In Soviet times, we almost got free cocoa beans from friendly African countries, where there was a fight for the victory of socialism. Today there is no such friendship, and good chocolate costs just a lot of money. ... Read more