«Nature’s own factory by Elen Manasir»
Article: PJ100
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Nature's own factory and Elen Manasir, with love and care about your health, have prepared a unique gift box. Tender blue skies, sea breeze, and sweet coconut became our main inspirations.


In a creative partnership with Elen Manasir, we added a new product to our buckwheat and coconut line.  For the first time in the limited gift box, you will find a unique buckwheat chocolate paste with coconut, along with beloved buckwheat-coconut chocolate and a premium buckwheat-coconut tea.


Our gift box is limited, and each of them will give you the opportunity to win a gift-certificate for 4,000₽ for Nature's own factory products, a 12% discount on the EmBeauty website, a gift-certificate for 50,000₽ or even for 100,000₽.

Hurry up! Certificates are only available until February 2021.


Weight: 955 g

Size: 25x9x25 cm


Buckwheat chocolate paste with coconut (by Elen Manasir)

Buckwheat chocolate with coconut (by Elen Manasir)

Buckwheat tea with coconut (by Elen Manasir)


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