At the heart of the goods is a special subspecies of the Tatar buckwheat, growing in the highlands in Taiwan.
Buckwheat waffles
from1.08 $
Buckwheat Granola
from2.57 $
I am water
I am water - crystal clear water from an artesian well in eco-friendly packaging.
from1.03 $
Buckwheat chocolate for children
Unique chocolate for kids based on grape sug
from1.76 $
Healthy Buckwheat Paste
Premium walnut-chocolate paste with buckwheat
from5.39 $
Buckwheat Chocolate
Handmade buckwheat chocolate using “bean to bar” technology
from1.62 $
Buckwheat cold tea drinks
Freshly made cold buckwheat tea with some added fruit juice
from1.47 $
Buckwheat tea
Classic buckwheat tea made of Tatar buckwheat seeds
from4.05 $
Blended buckwheat tea drink
Delicate blends of classic buckwheat tea with various natural fillers
from10.81 $
Healthy jam
Healthy jam, harmony of good and flavor
from4.73 $
Reusable accessories by Nature's Own Factory

Reusable practical items for deliberate consumption lifestyle by Nature's Own Factory

from8.78 $

About benefits of «Buckwheat» goods

Unique flavor and health
in one package